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Practical Self Defense and Active Shooter Training for the Workplace and Schools

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We believe in the power of preparation versus the power of fear.

Our goal is to empower the workforce, students, and educators to lean into everyday tactical techniques through the power of preparation, not the power of fear.


  • Teach individuals methods to unleash fear through the art of preparation and appropriate aggression training

  • Help employees and educators take back control

  • Encourage organizations and schools to incorporate radical belonging as a violence reduction methodology

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Services Provided

Ready to Serve Asynchronous Self Defense and Active Shooter Modules for your LMS

  • Defense Thinking

  • Identifying Warning Signs

  • Radical Belonging Theory

  • Case Studies 

  • Recommended Active Shooter Protocols

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Maneuvers and Mobility (Observational Lesson)

  • Understanding The Threat

  • Developing Situational Awareness

Live Virtual or In-Person 60-90 Minute Workshops

  • Defense Thinking

    • Self-Defense is a lifestyle not a class.

  • Introduction to Criminology and Victimology

  • Active Shooter Case Studies 

  • The Universal Code of Violence

  • Everyday Protection

  • Starting Your Personal Safety Plan

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Maneuvers and Mobility (Observational Lesson)

  • Q&A

Half (4 hour) or Full Day (8 hour) Seminars

  • Defense Thinking Portion

    • Criminology

    • Victimology

    • The Universal Code of Violence

    • Personal Safety Plans

    • Situational Awareness

    • Understanding Noises

    • Hand-to-Hand Combat Maneuvers & Mobility (Observation Only) 

  • Active Shooter Portion

    • The Profile of an Active Shooter

    • What the FBI Has Learned From Mass Shootings

    • Understanding the Threat 

    • The New Breed of Shooter

    • Columbine Case Study and Worksheets

    • Active Shooter Scenario

    • Walked Active Shooter Scenario 

Active Shooter Training & Drills

Walked active shooter drilling is done in a holistic fashion that is designed to help versus create trauma. The education and preparation portion is a critical part of the drill in order to prepare participants to participate. 

The drill is completed at a normal walking pace and encourages participants to activate the survival thinking needed through verbal cues that are given to paint an entire scenario. Drills include:

  • Locating exits

  • Finding appropriate areas of refuge

  • Barricading

  • Improvised weapons 

  • Lying on the floor

  • Staying calm

  • Observation

  • What to do when law enforcement arrives

Warning Signs Training for HR Teams, Managers, & Educators

  • Cultivating Radical Belonging 

  • Wellness Checks

  • Warning Signs

    • Dark humor

    • Isolation

  • Critical Trigger Points

    • Disciplinary Actions

    • Firing or layoff

    • Conflict

    • Inequity

    • Mistreatment

    • Bullying

  • Creating Active Shooter Response Plans

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Current High Risk Soft Targets

A soft target is any public space with little security.


Places of Worship

Elementary Classroom

K-12 Schools

College Library

Colleges & Universities

Engineers at work


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Large Outdoor Gatherings

Girl with Shopping Bags

Shopping Malls

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Stores

Red Chairs

Movie Theaters

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